Saturday, December 18, 2010

Music Video: Ivan Ives- Iris Scanners

One thing I've come to expect with an Ivan Ives video is that he's never short of creativity. About a month ago, he sent out an e-mail requesting close-up shots of eyes. Well, now I see what his intention one. So this is the last video of Ivan's First of The Month project, in which he released a video at the beginning of every month. 

"Iris Scanners" is a video about the new world order prediction of iris scanners being used for identification. Read the press release below and check the video out!

Official Press Release
"Iris Scanners" is a video about a dark bleak future where you will no longer be required to carry a wallet or identification. There will be scanners installed everywhere that can read your iris and identify you. Your name, address, shopping habits, everything will be available to whoever wants it. Advertisements will be custom-suited to you as you walk by. If you try to exit a store, an extra ad may pop up with a special deal if you stay in the store and buy something. In some cases, you may be refused service or entry if you have a criminal record. This video is somewhat of a introductory video for those who are questionable about Iris Scanners, mixed in with a collage of eyes provided by fans. Thanks to everyone that was part of the video, enjoy it! If you like it, please support by purchasing the single!

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