Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music Download: Muscle Beach Music Mixtape Vol.1 + Music Video

Check out the first official mixtape from Muscle Beach Music. Below is the bio on MBM, as well as link to download the mixtape for free. Also, peep the music video from Prem.

Muscle Beach Music is a multi-genre indepedent label based out of Southern California. Artists include: R11D11, A Merican Girlfriend, TP3, Keith, and Moontooth.

Today is the official release of their label mixtape, entitled, MBM Mixtape Vol.1. Which features: R11D11, A Merican Girlfriend, and their group TP3.

R11D11 is a true school hip hop group consisting of Prem (Formerly of; West Coast Work Force &   Library Crew) and his brother Free Knowledge. They are a traditional "back packer" style hip hop group with a new vibe.

A Merican Girlfriend is an abstract hip hop / pop / punk group headed by front man Cockey Juss. Their music is influenced by artists like; David Bowie, LARD, Tom Waitts, and Peter Cetera.

TP3 is the combination of R11D11 and Cockey Juss. Together they deliver a sound that is both thought provoking and brain-less work out / dance music.

M U H D (Muscles Up, Hose Down

Download: Muscle Beach Music Mixtape

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