Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Video: Andre Damar - No Hope

Check the newest music video from the homey Andre Damar for "No Hope," which discusses the wrong paths of life that many of us end up taking. It was produced by SP Beats and the video was directed by $queeze Williams.

Music Video: Gotham Green - Highs & Lows

Check the latest track from New York MC Gotham Green, "Highs & Lows," which was produced by Blessed By The Beats and is featured on the recently released LP, Child of An Immigrant, which features the likes of Kool G. Rap, Nature, Wax, Quickie Mart, and more. Click below to stream and download for free.

Music Video: James Heated - Family Affair feat Fredo and Reko Sosa

Recently, the homey James Heated dropped the music video for his latest joint, "Family Affair," featuring Fredo and Reko Sosa. It was produced by JBL and the video was directed by Wackoe Films. Be on the lookout for Heated's soon to be released solo album, Infinity.

Music Video: Faimkills - All Black Sumatra

The homey Faimkills recently dropped his new ablum Thrashed Out. Check the music video for the latest single, "All Black Sumatra," which was produced by Captain. The video was shot and edited by A.D. Armstrong. Los Angeles based musician Lapin Lover is featured.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Music Download: Spok Beats - Lions9 LP

Check Lions9, the debut instrumental album from the homey Spok Beats of Chamber Records. It features 16 funky beats to vibe out to and is available below to stream or download for a price of your liking!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Music Video: Flying Lotus - Ready Err Not

I went to a Flying Lotus show a few days ago. Man, it's quite an experience with the heavy beats mixed in with insane 3D visuals! FlyLo recently released his new LP, You're Dead. Check the latest music video for "Ready Err Not," which features super trippy animation from David Firth.

Music Video: Reverie - 1 Syllable

Check the latest video from Reverie for the joint "1 Syllable," which is featured on her 2013 project with Infameezy, Woolgathering. Rev directed and co-edited the video with Sixtovision. Also check out Reverie and Louden's new album, Russian Roulette.

New Music: Pterodactyl Jones LP + "Move On" Music Video

Recently it was announced that Pterodactyl Jones linked up with Murs' newly formed Label 3:16 for the release of their first album, which is self titled. That album dropped a few days ago , featuring 12 tracks with production from Curtiss King, OhGoshLeotus, Nabeyin, Captain and the FlatLynerz. 

The duo of Curtiss King and Noa James is a high energy affair not to be missed.Click here to preview and download the album. Check the new music video for "Move On," produced by OhGoshLeotus and Captain, below

Also, if you're in or around Riverside, CA, peep the flyer below for the official Pterodactyl Jones release party tonight!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Music: Starvin B - Starvicide EP

I'm bumping this album this very minute. Starvin B is quite the ill spitter! Starvicide features 10 hot tracks, primarily produced by my boy Analog Burners. If you like that gritty East Coast flow, you'll probably dig this album.

It contains additional production from Take Erazo and Symbo Science, and guest appearances from DJ Akil, Royal Flush, Foul Monday, Juxx Diamonds, Mic Hands, Rim Da Villin, and more. Click below to stream and/or support with a download for $9.

New Music: Hawdwerk - Call In Sick EP Deluxe

Call In Sick EP Deluxe is  the follow up to Hawdwerk's 2012 release Call In Sick EP. This release features 7 tracks with guest appearances from Richard Wright, Cee Nario, and posse cut consisting of 626 MCs: Poetik Force, Avi The Most Ill, Namek, Popula Pizz, and Tezy Wonda.

This is a very dope release. Click below to stream and/or support with a digital purchase of $7. Or for $20 you will receive a rare and limited edition CD packgage.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music Download: Malkovich Music - Pre-Boarding LP

My world traveling homey Malkovich is back with a new album, Pre-Boarding, which was mixed by DJ Spinna. It features Malk rhyming over African, Caribbean, Brazilian, Indian and Cape Verdean world music classics from Alice Coltrane, Shaan, Serge Gainsbourg, Rob, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Contonou Dahomey, Mulatu Astatqe, Augustus Pablo, Tim Maia, and Orquesta Joe Cain. There are also two original tracks produced by Computer Jay.

The 12 track album was mixed and mastered by Yamin Semali. It features Sherli as well as a BLX posse cut with Ali Baba Abnormal, Sum, Chris Clarke, and IamOmni,. Pre-Boarding was written in Dominican Republic, Belize, and Jamaica.

Malkovich recently began #1BAG, a multimedia project where he finds producers across the world on Twitter, collaborates with them in their countries, and documents the experience through music, video and articles. According to Malkovich, "Pre-Boarding marks the true beginning of my career. I always dreamed of documenting my world travels through music, and after 20 years of rapping, my dream's my reality.”

Click below to stream and download for free!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Music Download: Run The Jewels 2 LP

It's pretty crazy that Run The Jewels, aka El-P and Killer Mike, have become possibly the next cross over Hiphop act to balance in between undergound and mainstream, after having had played the multi-genre  festival circuit pretty heavy this year. I've met both of these guys on separate occasions and they are equally as nice and easy to get along with.

Run The Jewels 2, which Mike and El dropped two days earlier than planned, late last Thursday night, does not disappoint. And for you cat lovers and weirdos, be on the lookout for the fan funded remix album, Meow The Jewels, which features all tracks recorded with cat sounds. And no, that's not a joke!

Download Here: Run The Jewels 2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Music: Sahtyre - Base

"Base" is an ill, catchy, head nodding new track from the homey Sahtyre, He will be releasing his new LP very soon. Stream it below. Word!

Music Video: The Myk and Tony Show (Mykill Miers + Tony Clifton) - Double Dare You

The big homey Mykill Miers and Tony Clifton have come together to form The Myk and Tony Show. Check the new video for the banger "Double Dare You," which was produced by Tha Grim Reaperz and Miers .

The video was directed by OneShotEverything. The Myk and Tony Show debut album Sick Cinema is out now and available for stream and purchase below.

New Music: Gajah - Hot Pants

The homey Gajah will be releasing his new album, Hands of Gold Are Always Cold on October 28. Check out the fresh new single "Hot Pants." The new LP was fully produced by Uncommon Nasa and will be distributed by Uncommon Records.

Click here to pre-order the album!