Saturday, September 20, 2014

Music Download: Internal Definition - ADHD (A Dream Hardly Dreamt) Mixtape

Check this recently released mixtape from Internal Definition, ADHD, which is an acronym for A Dream Hardly Dreamt. This is a short mix with 8 tracks featuring appearances from Sy Stokes and Drew Staxxs.

Production was handled by Curtiss King, OhGoshLeotus, MikeJBeatz, SaruBeatz, Krahft Kid, and Paul Cabbin.

Click below to stream and download for free.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Real Underground Hip Hop Resurrected. A few words with !nfidel Ca$htro

I got to interview a really dope lyricist introduced by an artist I work with named Velly Marsh. This guy is the Your Old Droog of underground hip hop not because we think he's a secret alias of another rapper but because you will never find any information about him online. He is one of the last true underground artists around because his fans and followers only know him buy his avatar on Soundcloud. Here's what he had to say:

First off, can you tell us a little about yourself and where you're from?

I’m just a guy trying to leave his mark in music I prefer to be a mystery to the general public but I will tell u I’m 25 yrs old and Spanish I don't really put it out there cause people be all hung up ova race these days like it really matters I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and I've been on my own since 15 and let me tell ya the years before that weren't no walk in the park.

How long have you been rhyming for?

I been rhyming since I was 17. I never laid any tracks; I would just go to house parties eating muthafuckas alive in a circle. I never had respect for sheet writers that couldn't flow, to me it was like being half and half and not all the way in. Not everyone is able to hear music the way we do, its difficult to explain but it’s really something special I've only just begun to appreciate. I've squandered my talent up until recently.

Who are your favorite artists and which artists have influenced your style?

The artists that influenced me were Soulja Slim, Big Pun, MF DOOM, and Slim Shady.

What led to your type of style and beat selection?

I just listen and feel it and if it triggers something in my mind, I just go from there. It’s kind of like getting lost in a pleasant way.

I've noticed that you use a lot of multi-syllable rhyming and many technical tricks in your style. Is that something you developed on your own or did you go on emcee and lyricist forums to learn techniques? I ask this because emcees today have really broken down rapping to a science and have names and terms for every aspect of a song and your style is a very difficult skill to master.

Thanks for digging’ my style, its 100% my own creation. I know I don’t sound like anyone and my style is my own. I didn't even know they had shit like that that’s a goddamn shame yo. I always try new things and it’s really the beats that talk to me. I know it sound crazy but fuck it; that’s just how it is.

I've noticed that you're not active on social media and yet you have a strong fan base on Soundcloud. Have you ever thought of using social media to promote your music or do you think that's corny? I got a lot of respect for guys like you that go the more artistic route.

I HATE SOCIAL NETWORKS SOOOOOOO MUCH! They're just full of bullshit man, a bunch of random bullshit from nothing but sheeple. (I love Soundcloud though)

You mention that you also paint in some of your songs. You even have a song called, “4 Writerz Worldwide.” How long have you been into painting? Did you start painting before rapping?

Oh no, I don’t paint bro but a shit load of my brethren do. It was kind of a gift to all the wall writers out there because I dig what they do and I know how it goes in their little world.

What do you think of the state of hip hop and what kind of direction do you think it is going in?

Hip hop is bullshit. It’s nothing but a popularity contest and so many listeners glorify ignorance. It’s truly upsetting because I love my genre but it has been reduced to nothing but straight dog shit. People get shine and props undeserving and it’s all due to media saturation. The internet aided and also hindered the game of hip hop now. There’s so much bullshit out there people feel it’s a waste of time to give even 30 seconds of their day to listen to a new name and because of that, real artist almost never get discovered. I don’t blame them because people actually record straight garbage and put it out there

Do you listen to any mainstream artists or the radio these days for that matter?

I dig Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny brown, and Grieves.

Do you watch battle rap? And if so, who's your favorite battle rapper?

I don’t really watch battle raps but a couple of my homies were in a few of the circuits; B.C and ATM.

I've noticed that all your tracks on Eating in Swimming Pools have no features. Do you see yourself doing any collaboration with another emcee in the future?

I don’t really play well with others but I guess if they're cool people and I like what they do; who knows, maybe.

Can you offer any advice for up and comers in the music game? By up and coming, I mean independent artists who are looking to make a cool buzz on the underground.

I can’t offer any advice seeing as to how I haven't really gone anywhere. I just make music because I love to and I know there are still people out there that truly appreciate real hip hop music. If I were to give any advice it would be just to do what u feel, don’t use anyone as an outline, create your own canvas, be yourself, and just love what u do.

Thanks for all the support

-!nfidel Ca$htro

Check out his latest mixtape "Eating in Swimming Pools" only on Soundcloud

J. Dohe Got Flow: I'm Only Human

Momentum is key as an artist, a rolling stone gathers no moss as they say. That being said, J. Dohe (Vancouver B.C., Canada) is no stranger to this concept. He has released 2 projects in the past 8 months and has an EP release in September on the horizon. In the spirit of keeping things moving he is dropping the first installment in a series of singles slotted to fall in place between up coming projects. "I'm Only Human" is the above mentioned piece of music. Honest and engaging lyrics from Dohe combined with smooth production from EveKey make for a fantastic combination.

Twitter: @itsjdohe

Gear: The Hundreds x Cross Colours Collabo

In the early 90's Cross Colours was all the rage in the Hiphop community. I had my share of Cross Colours from black and white striped baggy pants to the black cross hat. So after a few attempts at coming back on the scene over recent years, they are giving it another shot through a collab with street wear powerhouse The Hundreds.  Click here to purchase!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Music Download: MC Mega - Into The Black Compilation Mixtape

Recently my boy MC Mega dropped his latest mixtape, Into The Black. It features 14 Mega produced songs, but they are broken up into two 25:45 tracks titled Into The Black Part 1 and 2. This project features vocals from MC Prototype, Jook The First, Dat Heathen, Forest Punk, Namek, Belzar, Abstract Illusions, and more.

Click below to stream and download the mixtape for a price of your liking.

DIY Music & Fashion Festival This Saturday, August 23 in Pomona

Going down this Saturday August 23 will be the 4th Annual DIY Music and Fashion Festival, which is presented by Brick To Ya Face. It will be taking place at The Glass House in Pomona, CA.

This is always a great event and will feature plenty of dope local talent such as Reverie, Dirty Birdy, Seefor Yourself, Pterodactyl Jones (Noa James + Curtiss King), VerBS, and many more. There will also be some sick vendors in the house.

 It is an all ages event. Cop $12 presale tickets here. They will be $17 at the door. Show time 5pm-12am.

New Music: Trizz - Leatherface EP

The homey Trizz  recently dropped his new project, Leatherface EP, which is full of bangers. It features 12 tracks with production primarily from AC3 Beats, but Dae One, JustHustle, Bleak, and Curtiss King also take part in the beat making.

Leatherface also includes guest vocals from Brotha Lynch Hung, Chuuwee, Rick Taylor, Futuristic, and more. Click below to stream for free and support with a download of $9.99.

Download: Trizz - Leatherface EP 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Music Video: Bagstheboss - Top Floor Penthouse

Peep this recently released music video from Jamaica, Queens MC Bagstheboss, "Top Floor Penthouse," which is a personal song about Bags' fighting the stress and pressures surrounding him, despite the perception that all is good. The video was directed by Elroy Isaac and the featured model is Johannie Valdes. "Top Floor Penthouse" is featured on Bags' current EP, The Drive.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Music Download: Murky Murk - Don't Be Stupid Mixtape

Check the latest project just released by Murky Murk, Don't Be Stupid. It features 14 dope tracks produced by Vherbal. Guest appearances consist of 3 Eye District, Kasper, Waltz The Solo Assassin, Eddie Smash, Charley Crow, Seven, and Restless. Click below to stream and download for free.

Music Video: Blakplanit x DJ Jah Bluez - Molly Cyrus feat. Charlamagne Tha God

This is a very funny take on pop culture and all the buzz of the party drug Molly. Check Blakplanit and they clown around with one sexy lady in this video. Production on the track was done by DJ Jah Bluez and it features Charlamagne Tha God. The video was shot and directed by Get & K. Infinity. Be on the lookout for Blak Planit's upcoming EP, Dress Rehearsal.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Music Download - Mas 1 - How? LP

I love albums that get straight to the joints, never been a fan of intros and interludes. How? by Mas 1 is exactly that kind of album. Mas spits clever rhymes galore over sick head knodding beats by his Stereotype partner, Frank John James. It is being distributed through Echoes of Oratory Muzik.

There is on e appearance from the full Stereotype crew, as well as guest spots by Clockwize, Braiinstorm, Vida, Martin Dean, Profit, and Travisty and Ed Word of Weapon of The Masses.

Click below to stream and download for free!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Music Video: Olmeca - Por El Suelo

This is a dope music video from the homey Olmeca for "Por El Suelo," inspired by Manu Chao.
It was produced by Royal Highness and contains samples from Colombian singer, Toto La Momposina's "La Verdolaga." This joint is a dope mix of trap and Hiphop with bilingual raps.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Music Video: D'zyl 5K1 - Papers

Check this music video from the homey D'zyl 5K1 for "Papers," which is the second single off his recently released double CD, The Sauce. The joint, which is described asa statement of ownership, empowerment, and knowledge of self,was produced by Sparaza and the video was shot and edited by Art Barz.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Music Video: Body Count - Talk S**t, Get Shot

The always controversial metal band fronted by Ice-T, Body Count, is back with their new album Manslaughter, their first in 8 years. Check their music video for the lead single, "Talk S**t, Get Shot," which was directed by  Frankie Nasso. Just a warning, this video can be offensive to some!

Monday, June 30, 2014

New Music: BDR + Snagneto - Funrazor LP

A few days ago the homey Snagneto and producer, BDR, released the fresh new album Funrazor. It features 16 tracks with guest appearances from Bucky Lee, Snare Jordan, AWOL One, Blest One, Dangerisk, and Snag's old crew, Antibiotics. In honor of the 626 area code that Snag represents, the album is priced at $6.26. Click below to stream and support with a download!