Friday, July 3, 2015

New Music: P. Fly - Fly Trap Mixtape

Check the new project from the homey P. Fly, the Fly Trap, which he dropped a couple of weeks ago.  P. Fly is an New York MC that now resides in Los Angeles. This mix features 6 bangin' tracks with production from SP, J-Wiz, and Dan Vadnais. The only feature is Shane Hamlet. Click below to stream!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

JAM REPORT: Skrillex gets Cheesy at Electric Forest, Fare Thee Well, and HSMF

Attendees at Electric Forest Festival were treated with an extra special surprise this weekend when EDM goldenboy Skrillex jumped on stage with the electric-influenced psychedelic bluegrass jam band, The String Incident. Cheese is notorious for bringing special guests us with them to do covers, and this year's EFF did not disappoint. Fans were treated to a cover of The Doors "Break On Through (To The Other Side)".

Check out the video, and leave a comment to let us know what you think! Do you like when artists cross genres?

In other news, the first of five "Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead" shows kick off at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara; a stone's throw away from the pizza place where the band "The Warlocks" played their first gig. For those of you who are not up on your Dead history, several months later at the end of '65 the group changed their name to The Grateful Dead and hippie counter-culture was officially born. 

This show brings the history of the Dead full circle, and marries together old with the new with the core four bringing in Trey Anastasio to sit in for Jerry on guitar and vocals. Jeff Chimenti (RatDog, The Dead, Furthur), and multiple GRAMMY®-winner Bruce Hornsby are also slated to perform. Streams are available online if you can't make it to the shows, as well as on Pay-Per-View. You can view all the different ways to catch couch tour at Tonight's show starts at 7pm PST and you will be able to login and view the show(s) that you purchased beginning two hours prior to show time on each event day.

Lastly, if you can't make it to Chicago for the Fare Thee Well hoopla, there is always High Sierra Music Festival's 25th anniversary in Quincy, CA. This year The String Cheese Incident and Umphrey's McGee are headlining on the main stages, and anyone who has been to that festival knows that it's all about the late nights. Some of the key late night players this year are: ALO, Pimps of Joytime, Galactic, Lotus, and my personal favorite - The Motet.

Another performance that is sure to please is Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. Karl D. is only playing one show due to being picked up by The Rolling Stones earlier this year; replacing late saxophonist Bobby Keys on tour, thanks to his old friend and former band mate Lenny Kravitz. He's got a dance card that is filling up quick!

Tickets are still available for HSMF through their website, Get your tickets and your situation figured out soon because chances are that this will be a hot ticket for those who made the trek to Santa Clara for Fare Thee Well, but can't quite make it to Chicago.


I'd like to take a second to recognize three important members of the Jam community whose lives we will be celebrating at High Sierra, Ted Welles of The Drunken Hearts, Chef Larry and Denise Bressler, who all left us suddenly toward the end of last year. 

Chef Larry was a person of importance in the Jam community, to the bands that he cooked for and to many fans who knew him. He was a friendly face that we always saw running the sober table watching over everyone and his famous Kamp Groove Krewe of Roux dinners were legendary at HSMF. Rumor has it that there will be many events and dinners in his honor; he mentored quite a few chefs in the scene - myself included. His wife, Denise, was beloved by all and was always at his side at every show. She was a sweet woman, with so much love in her heart and such a passion for music.

 Ted Welles of The Drunken Hearts was one of the sweetest people on earth. He was a talented drummer, a wonderful friend to many, and a humanitarian and philanthropist. He not only took care of his close friends and family, but he also took care of many families in Africa - empowering them through the non-profit organization that was close to his heart, Bead For Life. He was and continues to be a major influence on many people's lives and will be missed by all.

The influences of Ted, Larry and Denise are without a doubt some of the strongest felt in the Jam community, and their presence will be missed at this year's High Sierra. 


That's it for the Jam Report, keep an eye out for my report on High Sierra when I get back!


Victory Sweets


Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Download: Letter x LR - The Letter EP

Upon first hearing Letter, I was very impressed. I originally met dude through the homey Hazmat, whom he performed with at Da Ill Spot 3 Year Anniversary with Freddie Gibbs. Check out the recently released project,  The Letter EP, which was entirely produced by LR and includes a feature from my boy Skeem Price. Click below to download and stream. Also, check the music video below for the track "Kenny P." 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Music Video: Louie Syntax "Whatchu Talkin About?" (feat. STRANG3R DANG3R)

This Summer the homey Louie Syntax of Blaq Tongue Society will be dropping his debut solo album, Sun-Taxis. Peep the music video for the lead single "Whatchu Talkin About," featuring Strang3r Dang3r. Catch the cameo featuring yours truly along with several other members of the Stand And Deliver Collective.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Music Video: Tive - Thoughts of Today

I recently met this young MC, Tive, out of Lancaster, CA. He rolled up to my day job at Amoeba Music. He told me about his music and I gave him my card. Upon listening to his joints, I was vibing off of it right away. Check out the video for "Thoughts Of Today." Local promoters, holla at this dude. He's skilled and also very confident and ambitious.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Music Video: Turtle - It Never Leaves ft Anthm & Gajah

Check this newly released video from the homey Turtle for "It Never Leaves," featuring Anthm and Gajah. This track was produced by EQ and is featured on Turtle's 2014 release,  Flightless Birds That Fight With Words, on Keep The Feel Ent.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

All Mello Music Group Catalog Albums $4.99 For A Limited Time!

Every Summer, Mello Music Group offers their catalog of albums up for $4.99 each for a very limited time.  This label is full of super talented artists from across the nation and I have never heard a Mello Music artist that I didn't like.

The entire catalog of albums (minus the two most current new releases) are included. 

Choose from Oddisee, Apollo Brown, Open Mike Eagle, L'Orange, Rapper Big Pooh, yU, Diamond District, Quelle Chris, Red Pill, Gensu Dean, Ugly Heroes, and more!

Click below to preview and purchase!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Music Download: Jonesy - Au79 EP

This is a pretty dope 6 track EP from Jonesy out of El Monte, CA. Au79 is on the super soulful tip and is the first release of a planned trilogy. Jonesy himself also produced some tracks along with Marco Vargas. Click below to stream and download for free!

Music Download: Hazerd - My Point Of View LP

Up and coming Ontario, CA MC Hazerd recently dropped his new album, My Point Of View, which features 13 tracks of hardcore lyricism and storytelling. The only feature is by Drio. Click below to stream and download for free!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Music Video:blakplanit x Oskiess- Sirens & Lights

Check the latest music video from blakplanit for "Sirens & Lights." The police brutality themed track was produced by Oskiess and can be downloaded for free on blakplanit's Bandcamp page.

Music Video: D'zyl 5k1 - One Inch Punch ft. OsOne

Check the new music video from the homey D'zyl 5k1 for the banger, "One Inch Punch," featuring OsOne of G.I.A.N.T.S. Music/Upper Echelon. This joint was produced by Insite and can be found on D'zyl's recently released double LP, The Sauce. The video was directed by Deaphnowtz Productions.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Make the Crowd Loud

One of the most intricate things to do in the scene is to get your crowd moving with you. Real core fans! 

Its important that you're creating a new sound, and let go of the fear that some may not like your dynamic tunes as soon as they hear them. Even the demeanor of your music may be the game changer. 

Last Friday Da ILL SPOT hosted a show along Young Baca Productions at The Airliner(A two floor venue) Successfully completing the second Crew on Crew Song battle show.

Although the blog doesn't pick sides, the crowd was sure to let us know what they liked the most. 

The competition started with 8 local crews, and dwindled to one. $200 in cash and give away prices made the competition even better.

But what were the Judges looking for? Quality. This involved audience interaction, good lyrics, new sounds, clear voices and partnership. Crews had to interact together and get the crowd moving with their energy as a whole. Tougher than it sounds, and this was seen live as the competition came down to the Top Four: Local Heroes, Music & Strength, OSA, East of The River 

Here at Da ill Spot
We will always present you number one, so who made it to the top?

Local Heroes demonstrated the most hype and movement in their audience, they were also very energetic, brought in fire with their music, lyrics and talent.
Woot Woot.
A huge congratulations to them and all of their insane efforts on coming out and putting on a good show till the end. 

Our downstairs area was fully committed to up and coming producers with banging beats and new sounds. Just what we were looking for.
Aside from the music there was local vendors, and body painting going on, bringing in the attention of our visual heads.
(IG @Mstahia) was the canvas for the talented Mao Parra, a local and welcomed lady artist who's love for art gets her to paint on almost anything.

With appearances by King, Chapter 3 Beats, Brand B, Harley Gold, Esume, Lola La Showgirl, Byrdsol and Mic Man This area was almost its own bubble of art at work!

There was no competition, so we wont say who was the best in our opinion but we hope you have one, we would love to hear about it!

All of the great pictures and videos we took will be posted on the Facebook page (Crew On Crew Song Battle II Hosted by Da Ill Spot page),  Take the time to look up some of the great talent these artist bring to the game, you might find yourself asking for more.

Competing Crews:

Music & Strength


Weapon Of The Masses

Monster Mash Up Clan

Uproar Nation


Local Heroes

East Of The River


Producer Showcase Downstairs:

Brand B

Harley Gold


Chapter 3 Beats


Lola La Showgirl


Mic Man


Cash + Sponsored Prize Package From:

Amoeba Music

Original Hip Hop Chocolates

2 ILL Clothing


LiHai Art

Breakbeats & Rhymes Radio


Sassy Novelties

Raw Footage

Concert Tix Courtesy of HGP & Young Baca Productions

Monday, May 11, 2015

Music Video: EVeryman x Orphic - Om Hop Rock

I met EVeryman last year as we were working at Coachella.  Dude is madd cool. Check the recently released video for his collaboration with Orphic, "Om Hop Rock," which captures his journeys in the world of gatherings and music festivals over the past 3 years.

A good portion of the performance scenes in the video take place on a Mutant School Bus called Boogaloo, the infamous Art Car built by the Dirty Beetles  of Los Angeles. The video was produced
and edited by Andrew Oleck.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Writers Never Die

(Weekly post will release on Monday Mornings @ 8 AM)

A good intro would start by mentioning shes's cooler than a polar bears toes. Tahia (tah-ee-ah) a very slim twenty-one year old from Los Angels, California.
  • I promote and network locally at live music shows.
  • I've had experience managing, and doing promo for about 4 years
  • I do it with the best, Mr. Jelani Kimble and his Higher Ground Promo crew.

My least favorite word:


Favorite artist : is Slug of Atmosphere
So a BIG shout out to him and The Rymesayers Crew

Instagram: @ MSTAHIA

This summer 

Image result for music in LA

I'll be the critic, of the innovative artists (in music, art, and fashion) who make it their LIFE to perform and express themselves with quality.

Videos, and new tunes for all of those who can tell what good work looks like... Its not personal, its not like my opinion will change their lives, but maybe if we all agreed that a person brings life to what they do.. We can give it some credit, and  we can hear it HERE, talk about it, with different members of the ILLSPOT crew

Tune in, comment, ask questions, or just keep up with the Dose of Tahia

Find out about about upcoming shows and all the buzz from the artists who killed previous ones.

And In honor of the Talented Slug:  Atmosphere- God loves ulgy